The House on The Hill was built in the early 17th century with evidence of an earlier dwelling preceding the present house. It’s possibly part of The Heveningham Estate and musket balls and other artefacts from the Civil War period have been found in the grounds.

The gallery space was once an amalgam of a foodstore, stable and piggery. The kitchen area was once calf pens, the long wall from the entrance to the kitchen was stabling and The Guavery (between the gallery and swimming pool) an open cow yard. The studio next door was a granary and feed store and the picture framer’s workshop a piggery. The studio and present gallery space later became a furniture store for Bernard Mills’ house-clearance and antiques business.

Due to the vision and generosity of our landlord, John Downing, we at Artbox can look forward to building our future in a unique and beautiful setting. .

Images of the House and gallery as it was before the conversion work and how it is now.